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everyone – Great news !! …. Our first two exciting novels,
From Here to Everywhere and Everywhere and Beyond  
are now available on Kindle! Click the links to view
NEW: book V, "Everywhere Enemies: Foreign and Domestic"
Is available now in print at Amazon.Com

The exciting First Adventure
By Robert Lee Joseph

The Below comment is from a reader of the Book 5 E-Novel, "Everywhere Enemies: Foreign and Domestic:
" You have captured the boundless capacity of evil to seek means to destroy all that is good and worthwhile.  As always the faith, tireless determination and courage of the Royston family and friends stands against all odds and opposes the evil.  With each book, the depth and dimension of the characters continues to amaze.  These people are known to me as though they live!  The ending was literally profound as we see what nearly was not . . . . .  Wow.    It's been so long since I read it that I am going to reread it.  May write you with additional comments after I do.
Just one final comment before I begin my re-read of Book V.  Your books give the reader hope and new perspective. Going to reread now . . . . ."
                              Angie Turbak – Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Click Pix for About tthe Author
Robert Lee Joseph

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading your first book. I could hardly put it down cause I was always wondering what is going to happen next. Can't wait to read the other books." - Benjamin Jaeg, USMC


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The Everywhere Book Series by Robert Lee Joseph