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This page introduces the works of Robert Lee Joseph, Author of the Everywhere Book Series
Read the Synopsis, Rave reviews and About the Author pages
Congratulations!  I am eager to receive my order for two copies of Book V!   The cover is spectacular!  Kudos to Michael on another fantastic job.  The cover is eyepopping.  Makes you want to pick up the book immediately! 
Your books have been so wonderful.  The characters are well developed and have such depth.  They become as cherished friends and family.  Looking forward to Book V;  It will be like a 'family reunion' :)  Congratulations, Rob and my sincere thanks for giving me so many hours of reading pleasure.  The stories and characters are unforgettable.  I find myself wishing for teleportation every time I have endured backed up expressways, airport security hassle, waited hours for weather delayed flights or sat on a tarmac for extended time waiting to take off . . . .  Oh, John Royston, the world needs you!!! :)" Angie
From Here to Everywhere
The first Exciting Adventure in the Series
Journalist John Royston is caught in a scientific experiment gone awry, or at least not as intended. He is driving on the highway one second and in a field of weeds hundreds of miles away the next!
Learn how this dramatically changes today's world in this first action-packed adventure!

Everywhere and Beyond, the Sequel
The teleport scientists meet firends and enemies
Where teleportation is used in an ever-expanding
universe for the advancement of mankind. The Everywhere characters
meet new friends and encounter devious enemies in their star quest. The vicious Spectari attack unsuspecting planets. The Royston youth experience a harrowing
experience in outer space.

The Exciting Teleport Trilogy
BY Robert Lee Joseph
Action abounds as the Galactic
Council expands and finds the
tyrannical Spectari wreaking
death and destruction in the
Omega Galaxy. Jonathan Royston
experiences an errant trip through
time and must find a way to return
to the present and his waiting
bride. Young love blossoms,
weddings occurr and families
expand in this exciting triilogy,
 'Everywhere in the Omega Galaxy'!
These exciting books also available on a CD for easy reading on your Laptop or PC. Click HERE to order the Trilogy CD today for only $9.95 and receive Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension as a Bonus!

Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension
By Robert Lee Joseph

Action transcends galaxies and even

dimensions in this fourth exciting

installment of the ‘Everywhere

Adventure Series’. Arch Nemesis

Hardison James escapes and causes

problems in more than one galaxy

and two dimensions. Dr. Jenny

Royston Garrett helps the Quorax and becomes  infected with a deadly disease and Hank and his Security team become stranded in the Alpha Dimension. Meredith Royston with her children, Amber and Corey, are visiting the Calliope Zoo when the planet is pulled into the Alpha Dimension, wreaking death and destruction on the whole planet. Can Jenny be saved in time and can the team find a way into the other dimension? Chantrelle worries about her fiancÚ, Chad, trapped in the Alpha Dimension with the Galactic Security Team.Find out what happens in this exciting installment in Everywhere in the Alpha Dimension’.

The Latest Adventure in the Exciting Series
Available in May, 2007